About Us

Pay PerLead Australia (PPL Australia) is an innovative Australian-based company.

We are here to provide local leads to all forms of business; you could be a mortgage broker, a dentist or even a tree surgeon. We will provide you qualified local leads for your business.

We are different: the reason for this we only get paid when you receive a local qualified lead.

  • There are no setup fees, no monthly fees or even ongoing fees.

It is a simple arrangement; local qualified leads that call you, and we will know any client calling you has extremely high chance to be converted, will be charged as a lead at the agreed lead cost.

  • We want to make sure your business will have the ability to convert that lead into a paying client.We use a number of different online techniques to find the ideal client that is looking for what you offer, thus allowing you the maximum chance to sell to this client.
  • All marketing comes at a cost; you may have a television ad or newspaper ad. You may be paying thousands of dollars but aren’t able to target the demographic or location you really want as it is shot gunned out to the broader community. And there is no guarantee you will receive any interest or calls. It is like throwing at a dartboard and trying to get the bullseye while blindfolded and hoping for the best.
  • With PPL Australia you will know the cost of each lead which will help with tracking calls to conversion ratio thus allowing you to know your exact figures.
  • Like most marketing you will have a few calls that may not be your ideal client.

At PPL Australia we want to make sure everything is simple; we will agree that lead calls usually last over 30 seconds, asking questions and then wanting to supply details like phone number or email address. We agree on how much each lead will cost and sign a simple agreement form.

Then you can let us create the magic! We aim to drive local qualified leads to your business as quickly as possible –a win-win.